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Houseparty tips and tricks: How to lock a room on Houseparty

The Houseparty app has suddenly become hugely popular, dominating the download charts on both Google Play and the App Store due to the spike in coronavirus self-isolation across the globe.

How to download and setup Houseparty:

Users will first need to download the Houseparty app, available from both the App Store and Google Play.

They can also use Houseparty on their computers by installing the Chrome Extension.

To get things started, users will also need to sign up with their email, phone number and original username.

A useful tip is to create an easy to remember unique username, as this is probably how your friends will track you down.

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How to add friends on Houseparty:

Houseparty will prompt you to grant access to your contacts book as part of the setup process, and doing this will reveal contacts who already have the app installed.

Click Add to put them in your address book, or select Invite if a friend has not yet downloaded Houseparty.

Those who cannot see one of their friends listed in the contacts can ask for their username to add them manually.

To do this, select the little face in the top left side of the screen, navigate to Add Friends, then click Add by Name.

How to start a Houseparty:

There are a couple of ways to get the party started, but you will first need to head to the home screen.

After launching Houseparty, you will probably get a brief glimpse of your own face before a menu pops up listing recently-called friends and active party sessions.

You can dive into one of these if you want to join friends who have already started their own party.

But if you want to curate your own party, swipe down on the popup menu to see the proper home screen.

You will then see a little plus sign in the top right corner.

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How to lock your Houseparty room:

To lock your room is very easy once you’re in a Houseparty, by simply hitting the padlock at the bottom of the screen.

Although people can still ask to join, participants can choose to ignore them.

There is also the option of automatically locking rooms.

Simply navigate to your home screen, click the smiley face in the left and select the cog to go to the settings page.

From here, turn on privacy mode, and you will never again be in an open party.

How to turn off Houseparty notifications:

Once Houseparty has been downloaded and contacts have built up, you may start receiving many notifications.

Similarly, every time you log onto the app, friends will also receive a little message letting them know that you’re around.

However, you can actually sneak into a Houseparty by clicking directly on one of those notifications.

This means you can load up Houseparty without anyone knowing.

There is also a more permanent solution for this problem.

Simply return to the Houseparty home screen, tap the top-left smiley face, then click on manage notifications.

From here, you can choose to stop sending and receiving all those annoying alerts.

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