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She had gone into Chesterfield Royal Hospital to have her tonsils removed but the operation was cancelled when she was sick and found to have a high temperature. 

Doctors believed she had a viral infection but no one carried out basic health checks and Gracie was sent home without any treatment. 

Had she received proper care and been kept in hospital she probably would be alive today. 

Gracie’s mother Michelle Foster, 34, sobbed as she told the week-long hearing: “I took her away to die”.

Chesterfield coroner’s court heard how Gracie had been due to undergo the routine surgery in October 2015 and was so excited she had “skipped” on to the ward just after 7am. 

But when she suddenly became ill the operation was cancelled. 

Yet despite being unwell no one took her temperature for several hours or checked to see if she was seriously ill. 

By lunchtime her mother described her daughter as “floppy” but was told she could take Gracie home.

She was rushed back into hospital where she died that evening. 

Michelle said: “I had full trust in what the doctor said. In hindsight I feel really stupid that I trusted him. When I carried her away from hospital I thought she must be alright. But I took her away to die. I feel so stupid.” 

A post-mortem found Gracie, of Chesterfield, died from Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome – an adrenal gland failure caused by meningitis. 

After four days of evidence Derbyshire Senior Coroner Dr Robert Hunter concluded: “Had Gracie been diagnosed and treated before 3pm then, on the balance of probability, she would have survived. There were gross failures by the attending health care professionals and as such Gracie Foster, died of natural causes, contributed to by neglect.”

A spokesman for Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: “We are truly sorry that whilst Gracie was in our care that day we missed opportunities to carry out a more thorough assessment of her condition before we allowed her to go home.

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