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Martel was announced as Homes Under the Hammer stalwart Lucy’s replacement last summer, after the presenter left following 13 years at the helm of the much-loved BBC property development show.

Although the houses nearly always get a glamorous makeover, the bubbly new host has revealed all about there reality of the dilapidated locations the series visits before their dramatic transformations.

“You get forms and assessments so you never go in somewhere that feels like it could fall down, you genuinely don’t,” she assured “It’s not worth anybody taking the risk.”

But despite the stringent health and safety measures, Martel has seen her fair share of unsavoury sights whilst filming for Homes Under the Hammer.

Confessing that she has even encountered dead rats at some properties, she explained: “I turned up on my first day and it was September, so it was still quite warm.

“I had wedges on with open toes and a little dress and I was pregnant and I was like: ‘Argh! I think I just nearly stood on a rat!’

“Some of the places are pretty awful but what I have learned to do is just wear more sensible clothes,” she said cheerfully.

Martel added that the Homes Under the Hammer team carry out detailed assessments of all the houses which they visit to feature on the show.

“Occasionally we’ve made a call and we’ve known because of the risk assessment it’s not ideal,” she confessed. “And it’s been an open piece of land and you might see awful things in it like syringes and litter.”

Revealing how show bosses handle such situations, she said: “The producer or director will make a call and just say: ‘Look, we’re not going in there today.’

“It’s not worth risking anyone for it,” she insisted.

Martel also confessed what it was really like taking over from Lucy.

Speaking out about the slightly controversial change-up, which left some fans furious over Lucy’s departure, she recalled how her predecessor had wished her well with the new endeavour.

“Lucy’s been really gracious to me,” she said. “She tweeted, on the day I was on — maybe she’d had some tweets saying: ‘Where are you Lucy?’

“She tweeted and said: ‘Best job in the world, have a great time.’ I tweeted back: ‘Well, some very big shoes to fill.’”

Martel also revealed that she had received some criticism on social media from some of Lucy’s fans, but added that “generally people were really nice”.

Homes Under the Hammer is on BBC One, weekdays at 10am.

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