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High blood pressure: Adding apple cider vinegar to your water could lower your reading

High blood pressure indicates your heart is working too hard to pump blood around the body. In fact, persistent high blood pressure – medically termed hypertension – damages arteries and leads to serious consequences. But there are some simple tricks you can try at home to help lower your blood pressure reading.

Adding a dash of one easy to come by ingredient in your glass of water is one simple way help to minimise this risk.

Research has shown how apple cider vinegar can decrease blood pressure readings in rats.

In one study, rats with high blood pressure were given vinegar over a long period of time.

Results revealed the rats had a decrease in blood pressure and an enzyme called renin.

Therefore, it’s possible apple cider vinegar (which has been proven to reduce blood sugar levels) could potentially lower blood pressure readings too.

However, more research on this specific area is needed for a clear connection between the two.

Back in 2012, 19 participants in one experiment consumed apple cider vinegar for eight weeks.

Findings revealed the volunteers ended up having lower cholesterol.


High blood cholesterol and high blood pressure work in tandem to damage blood vessels – and can lead to heart disease.

Consuming apple cider vinegar can then be thought to lower cholesterol levels and in turn, blood pressure.

Medical website Healthline report apple cider vinegar has been used to treat ailments for thousands of years.

The ancient Greek doctor Hippocrates even used the vinegar for wound care, and in the 10th century the vinegar was used as a hand wash during autopsies to help prevent infection.

For a quick salad dressing, mix apple cider vinegar with olive oil and herbs.

Aside from dietary adjustments, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) have their own techniques for lowering blood pressure readings.

The charity recommends being more physically active and losing weight if your BMI (Body Mass Index) isn’t in a healthy range.

Promoting exercise, the BHF encourages people to look out for opportunities to be active during the day, with walking to the local shop instead of driving being one easy way to do so.

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