Tuesday, December 11, 2018
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Hand luggage: Eurostar baggage rules explained for travel passengers | Travel News | Travel

Hand luggage only tickets are becoming the popular way to travel as airlines increase checked baggage costs.

This can quickly make a cheap flight ticket cost a lot more than it originally did when paying for a bag on a return flight.

If heading to a European destination such as Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam, some travellers prefer to use the Eurostar train instead of a plane to avoid confusing and lengthy check-in times.

What are the luggage rules for Britons travelling by Eurostar?

Hand luggage

Passengers can take a small piece of hand luggage with them onto the train for free.

This can mean a handbag, laptop bag or briefcase, according to the Eurostar website.

Prams and pushchairs are also able to be brought on for free as long as they are put in the overhead luggage racks.

There is also no restriction on liquids, with passengers not subject to the 100ml rule like airlines enforce.

This means passengers can take as many beauty products, drinks or other liquid items with them onto the train as they wish.

Larger luggage

All passengers can take an additional two pieces of luggage with them, such as rucksacks or suitcases.

They can measure up to 85cm long at it’s widest point, which is bigger than the average large suitcase measurement.

This can also include ski equipment provided it is smaller than the measurement provided.

There are no weight limits for any bags – passengers must be able to carry their own bags safely, however.

Anyone travelling with bags that are larger than this will use the Eurostar’s registered luggage service EuroDespatch.

Items up to 2m long can be sent from London to Paris, Lille or Brussels, which can be collected on arrival for up to 14 working days for a fee.

Baggage cannot be sent to Disneyland Paris, Rotterdam or Amsterdam, or any ski destinations.

Eurostar recently warned travellers not to bring souvenir bombs onboard, which many often try to do during Remembrance Sunday.

Anything that resembles a bomb can lead to evacuations of the train station and steep fines.

Passengers flying with an airline were also warned against travelling with a particular aftershave which resembled a grenade.

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