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Google Maps Street View: Very rare vehicle spotted on motorway – is it real? | Travel News | Travel

Google Maps has been used for many years and allows you to visit anywhere you want to in the world. From viewing the Eiffel Tower to the Empire State Building, Google Maps Street View allows you to see the landmarks as if you were there in real time. However it has also been used more recently to discover some of the world’s most mysterious sightings.

So could this car be a new rare car that Google Maps has uncovered?

While some users may think this is actually a six wheeled car, from different angles on Google Maps, it appears to only have four like a normal car.

The most likely reason behind this shot is that it has become stuck in a Google glitch and the camera has elongated the car.

Google glitches are very common due to objects constantly moving during the shots.

However none of the other cars have been caught in the glitch which is why Reddit users questioned whether this car was real or not.

This is not the first time a six wheeled car has been pictured on the streets.

This scene happened in Toronto Canada and left Reddit users stunned as to what they were seeing.

One shocked user posted the image to Reddit to see if any other users had any idea if the image of a Range Rover with six wheels was a glitch or a new range.

Eager Reddit user Zagorn wrote: “Secret new six wheeled Land Rover sighted,” alongside a winking face.

One user replied: “That’s one of the cleanest glitches I’ve seen, almost looks real.”

It would seem that a six wheeled stretch version of the Land Rover Defender does exist and costs around £125,000.

However the Range Rover appearing on Google Maps Street View appears to be a glitch caught at that moment in time.

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