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Google Maps Street View has been revealing the world since 2007, with many countries now visible with the click of a button.

Over 11 years, it has created a seamless view of roads and addresses helping many plan their routes and directions.

The famous Google cars use 360-degree cameras to stitch the images together to create the effect.

It can be a difficult job as they tackle dangerous areas and many people trying to get their face on the internet.

One driver was chased by a certain creature in Japan which has since gone viral.

The car was driving through the Kumage district in Japan when it passed a marina full of boats.

Suddenly a dog sees the car and excitably squares up to it the vehicle.

As the car drives on, the images proceeding it see the brown dog chase the car down the road.

With it’s tongue hanging out, the animal joyfully follows the driver.

Sadly the street view then stops, not revealing how long the dog kept up the chase.

The excitable dog has since gone viral with fans across the world loving the creature’s antics.

Online users loved the cute animal that chased the car.

One wrote on Twitter: “Dogs are like Pizza, you can never get enough.”

Others mocked the poor creature: “Why wasn’t his face blurred? He deserves the same amount of privacy as the cows that appear on Google Maps.”

The Twitter user was relating his comment back to two cows that had their faces blurred out on Google Street View in Cambridge, causing much mirth.

A poor woman may not like dogs as much as other users after caught in am embarrassing situation.

Caught by the Google camera is the young cyclist with her two dogs.

They are attached to the handlebars, when suddenly they lose control.

The woman is pulled to the floor by the animals, who look sheepish as she scolds them.

It is then that she sits on the pavement and realises her accident was caught on camera.

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