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Google Maps is an incredible platform which allows you to see the whole wide world from your living room.

You can zoom out and see the world from a bird’s eye view or zoom in to virtually walk around.

A particular incredible image has been spotted on Google Maps hidden in a desert area of in Sudan.

From above, if you look down at the hilly desert region, a giant mouth shape can be seen.

It resembles a slightly open mouth and a pair of full lips either side of it.

The incredible phenomenon is said to be completely natural, although many would suspect it had to be manmade.

The space measures 1km in total, and the shape is created by a row of trees and a raised part of the sand.

If you would like to see the incredible phenomenon for yourself, the coordinates are: 12°22’13.32″N, 23°19’20.18″E.

It will take you to the village of Gharb in Sudan, Darfur, where the mouth shape is.

Many have marvelled over the strange and unbelievable formation of the land.

However, others have come up with weird and wacky theories as to why it is there.

“Some say that it actually houses a massive black hole that remains closed as long as the mouth remains so,” according to The Finest Post.

Recently, a supposed alien UFO was spotted flying over residential houses in Finland.

The Google Maps Street View UFO was located using the world spanning tool.

Seen hanging above residential houses in Rantapuisto, Forssa, a red sphere is hovering amongst the trees.

The quiet residential street would appear to be a safe hiding spot for an alien spaceship.

However, thanks to the keen eye’s of the Google UFO hunters, this is another siting that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Circular in shape, the hovering object resembles previous suspected UFO sightings.

Bright in colour the object is a stark contrast to the blue-skied backdrop.

The pointed edges of the object appear less defined and are lighter in colour. Could these be metal detailing highlighted on other suspected UFO objects?

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