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Google Earth has revealed some of the most bizarre and unexplainable mysteries throughout the years.

From natural phenomena to rumoured UFO landings, many have been able to explore the globe with a click of a button.

The clever tool can also capture the before and after effects of a large global disaster.

After a tornado swept through the small suburb of Moore in Oklahoma in 2013, the mapping website showed the shocking after effects of the region.

Thousands of buildings were destroyed in just one day.

On May 20, the tornado swept through the region and killed 24 people in the chaos.

The images show suburbs, dense with homes, that are completely wiped out.

Many of the buildings have been flattened with debris across the area.

An elementary school called Plaza Towers where six children were killed was completely wiped out, along with the houses surrounding it.

A hospital in the area also suffered the effects with pictures revealed the damage caused.

Measuring as an EF5 tornado, winds reached up to 210mph when it struck, lasting for 37 minutes.

It caused destruction through Moore for over 17 miles through a heavily populated area.

Reports found that over 1,150 homes were destroyed, creating $2 billion (£1.43 billion) worth of damage.

It became one of the costliest storms in US history, coming in at third place.

The storm was only beaten by a 2011 storm in Joplin, Missouri and another 2011 storm in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Previous images have also revealed similar after-effects from the Joplin, Missouri tornado.

An image of a white bungalow could be spotted, surrounded by trees in a normal setting in the US city.

Later images show the home to be gone, along with the trees, traffic lights and road markings which have faded.

The city is much sparser with a lack of buildings and vehicles noted.

Deaths from the tornado were reported to be 158 people with 1,150 injured.

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