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Online security is more important than ever with many personal details stored in the cloud, so Google has included a Chrome browser password feature to help keep you safe.

Google’s Chrome browser has a built-in password generator tool which will allow you to create a super secure password when signing up to websites.

Chrome already offers the option to remember your login passwords, form details and even bank card numbers but now it’ll help you keep them all more secure too.

The Chrome password generator will create strong passwords by combining random numbers, letters and symbols that you might otherwise not think of or dare to try to remember.

How to activate the Chrome Password Generator

First up, you’ll need to turn on the password generator feature within Chrome.

Open Chrome then navigate to Settings and select “Sign in to Chrome”. Make sure Sync is set to “On”.

Once signed in you can activate the password generator by turning on the experimental features of the browser.

In the address bar type “chrome://flags” then in the search bar that pops up on the page type “password”. When you see “Password Generator”, select “Enabled” from the drop-down menu on the right, then hit the ‘Relaunch Now” button.

After the restart you should have the Password Generator activated in Chrome.

How to use the Chrome Password Generator

Now that the Password Generator is active Chrome will automatically recognise password fields on new account creation pages.

This means that when filling out the fields online, Chome should automatically fill out the password section for you.

If Chrome does not manage this automatically you can right click into the field and select “Generate password”.

Chrome will show you the password it has created in a dialogue box, which you can click on to select that option. This will automatically save the password in Chrome’s Smart Lock password manager.

This means the password will also work across other devices where you use Chrome – so you should be able to automatically login, even from your phone.

The only downside to be wary of is that if you wish to change the password in future you can’t simply swap it out, you’ll need to delete and resave the entire account.

There are dedicated full password manager applications that you can use for more comprehensive controls. But for ease, Chrome’s version is a nice simple option.

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