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Google is no longer accepting any new cryptocurrency mining extensions on its Chrome browser’s web store.

The decision was announced in a new post on the Chromium blog today.

Chrome extensions that use malicious code to hide cryptocurrency mining capabilities have been discovered in the Chrome web store.

These leverage the computing power of your PC to mine for coins in the background.

This can severely impact the performance of users’ machines.

Chrome Extensions Platform Product Manager, James Wagner said: “Until now, Chrome Web Store policy has permitted cryptocurrency mining in extensions as long as it is the extension’s single purpose, and the user is adequately informed about the mining behaviour.

“Unfortunately, approximately 90% of all extensions with mining scripts that developers have attempted to upload to Chrome Web Store have failed to comply with these policies, and have been either rejected or removed from the store.

“Starting today, Chrome Web Store will no longer accept extensions that mine cryptocurrency.

“Existing extensions that mine cryptocurrency will be delisted from the Chrome Web Store in late June.”

Chrome isn’t alone when it comes to a crackdown on blockchain-related products.

Bans on advertising ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and other blockchain business proposals have been adopted by the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and MailChimp.

Google is very clear to state that extensions with blockchain purposes unrelated to mining are safe for the time being.

“Extensions with blockchain-related purposes other than mining will continue to be permitted in the Web Store,” Google Chrome’s James Wagner adds.

“The extensions platform provides powerful capabilities that have enabled our developer community to build a vibrant catalog of extensions that help users get the most out of Chrome.

“Unfortunately, these same capabilities have attracted malicious software developers who attempt to abuse the platform at the expense of users.

“This policy is another step forward in ensuring that Chrome users can enjoy the benefits of extensions without exposing themselves to hidden risks.”

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