Germany explosion: Panic as letter bomb at Lidl HQ injures several – bomb squad deployed | World | News


The incident occurred at the head offices of the supermarket giant in Neckarsulm, a district of Heilbronn in southwest Germany, at around 3pm this afternoon. Another 100 employees were evacuated from the building as a bomb squad arrived to deal with the threat.

Local police have launched an investigation into the exact causes of the incident.

Heilbronn Police spokesman Gerald Olma, said: “It was probably a package or a letter bomb.”

She said a wide cordon remains in place around the building.

Police stressed the bomb was a package which had exploded after being opened by a member of staff. 

Police added there was no evidence that Lidl had faced any blackmail or threats prior to the deliverance of the malicious package. 

One of the three people injured sustained moderate injuries in the incident while the other two escaped with light injuries.

The police spokesman continued: “Three people were injured in the explosion, two people lightly and one person moderately to severely.

“Rötelstrasse has been cordoned off over a large area, the emergency services are on site.”

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The emergency services had left the site around 2pm.

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Police say they are investigating a potential connection between the two incidents. 

They added a further report would be filed in due course. 

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