Tuesday, November 12, 2019
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General Election news: Sophy Ridge grills Liberal Democrat prediction of PM Jo Swinson | UK | News

The Liberal Democrats have stunned the electorate by insisting that Jo Swinson could jump from just 20 seats to a parliamentary majority. Sky News’ Sophy Ridge claimed that this prediction was “baffling” and said the Liberal Democrats were not being realistic. In a fiery interview, Ridge warned that the tactic could backfire for the Liberal Democrats for bad “expectation management”.

Ridge grilled the Liberal Democrat: “I’m a bit baffled, I’ll be honest, I’ll level with you.

“I’m baffled about why the Lib Dems are pushing the ice that Swinson could be PM.

“I know you want to show you have momentum, but is this not about expectation management?

“Are you really saying that Jo Swinson, who has 20 MPs now, could end up in Downing Street as PM?”

The Liberal Democrats also announced extra money to support the parents of young children.

Lib Dem education spokesperson Layla Moran said the £14.6bn policy was “an investment in the country’s future”.

Earlier this week, Jo Swinson furiously attacked the BBC and ITV for excluding her from the election TV debates.

The Liberal Democrat leader insisted she was well-placed to become Prime Minister, and would legal action against the broadcasters.

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