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According to the Miami Herald, one FBI agent has been killed while at least four others were shot leaving two “gravely wounded” during a shooting in the Fort Lauderdale suburb this morning. Details of how the shooting started have yet to be confirmed. The publication also said a child pornography investigation was being conducted by the FBI and federal prosecutors in Fort Lauderdale.

A law enforcement source has also said the suspected gunman is believed to have shot and killed himself, the Herald reported.

The Sunrise Fire Department confirmed the shooting took place at around 6am US time.

Local reports said the suspect barricaded themselves inside the home while the FBI were serving a warrant.

Otisha Browning-Smith, a spokesperson for the Sunrise Police Department, said an FBI agent was serving a warrant when shots were fired.

Florida shooting

Florida shooting (Image: @JRodzMIA)

FBI agents shot and killed during Florida shooting

FBI agents shot and killed during Florida shooting (Image: Twitter@JRodzMIA)

A representative for the FBI confirmed there were injuries following the shooting but did not give any further information.

According to Local10, authorities did not confirm any deaths, but a medical examiner was spotted on scene.

NBC6 reported sources have said up to five agents were injured and two rushed to an area hospital.

Local residents were notified about the incident and told to remain at home.

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Large police presence in Fort Lauderdale

Large police presence in Fort Lauderdale (Image: Twitter/@JRodzMIA)

Sunrise Police Fl tweeted: “We ask that residents in the community, Water Terrace remain in their homes.

“Law Enforcement still has the entrances blocked at this time. Thank you for your patience.”

They added: “The scene is safe but due to the ongoing investigation, affected neighbourhoods in the area of Water Terrace on Nob Hill Road are still asked to remain at their homes until we are able to open Nob Hill Rd for travel.

“Thank you for your patience as understanding.”

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Miami Beach police

Miami Beach police (Image: Getty)

They also confirmed due to the heavy police presence several roads are closed and urged people to use an alternative route.

During a warrant search, it is routine to have a marked police car parked outside the home of the target.

However, after the shooting, several officers from other agencies as well as a SWAT team swarmed the area.

Officers from Fort Lauderdale Police Department and Davie Police Department attended the scene.

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol last month

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol last month (Image: Getty)

This latest shooting comes just hours after a man was pronounced dead from multiple gun wounds in the Fort Lauderdale area.

The man crashed his car onto the lawn of a home which prompted residents to call the police.

He was found with multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

It is unclear whether he was shot while driving or if he was driving for help after being shot, police said.

Former US President Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump (Image: PA)

Some news outlets have likened this latest shooting to  the 2011 fatal shootings of two Miami-Dade police detectives while serving a warrant at a home in Miami.

Johnny Simms fatally shot detectives Amanda Haworth and Roger Castillo before he was shot dead by another office.

This latest raid comes less than a month after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol.

At least five people were killed during the riots, which sparked fresh calls for Donald Trump to be impeached for the second time.

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