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Flights to New York currently take around eight hours for Britons travelling from the UK, making it too far for a weekend break.

This could soon change with a new breakthrough in the aviation industry.

A “mini-Concorde” plane could be tested as soon as the end of 2018, called the Boom Supersonic.

Travelling at 1,687mph – 300mph faster than the original Concorde – it will revolutionise long-haul travel.

The prototype, backed by Richard Branson, could halve the journey time to just three and a half hours from London to the Big Apple.

Testing the Boom XB-1, Blake Scholl tweeted: “Milestone coming up: XB-1 engines are on a truck and will arrive at @boomaero hangar within a week.”

It could be available for commercial flights in 2023, albeit for a pricey ticket of £1,700.

With just 55 seats on offer, it will certainly be an exclusive experience in travel.

It follows on from news last year that Japan Airlines  were investing over £7 million in the Boom Supersonic jet.

It would make flights from San Fransisco to Tokyo just five and a half hours, more than half the time of the usual 11-hour flight.

With 76 orders for the plane already, Japan has acquired half of these. Virgin Galactic would part-own the venture also.

The announcement of the trials comes 15 years after the last Concorde flight took to the skies.

Concorde retired in 2003 after 40 years of flying, after an aircraft crash in 2000.

All 109 passengers onboard were killed, as well as four on the ground after a tyre exploded and hit the fuel tank.

Passenger numbers plummeted following this, and the revolutionary aircraft was also affected by the fall in air travel following the September 11 attacks.

The final flight took place on 27 June 2003, from Paris to New York.

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