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Flights: Instagram video shows passenger taking selfies on plane | Travel News | Travel

Plane travel can be a long and tiring process, but it can also be an opportunity to relax and get some sleep in between destinations. However, all too often passengers find themselves sharing a cabin with fellow fliers whose behaviour is deemed annoying or rude.

One such instance happened when a plane passenger noticed the woman in front of them doing something they thought was quite bizarre.

The video, which was shared to Instagram account @PassengerShaming, is filmed from the row behind and captures the behaviour of the passenger in front through the gap between the seat and the wall.

In the footage, a woman’s hand can be seen holding a mobile phone.

While the phone is not an uncommon sight, what is happening on the phone screen has caught the attention of the passenger behind.

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A third said: “If you are in public you better be ready for the public.”

A lot of people who saw the video ranted about how annoying taking selfies in public is.

One person recounted a recent experience they had, writing: “I’ve seen this in action before.

“I watched this girl at dinner live-streaming herself just making weird faces into the camera for 30 minutes straight while people commented. It was awkward.”

Another vented: “And you wonder why we have a deluded generation of millennials who think perfection is reality while being vain and bonkers is the norm.”

Others found a silver lining in the whole scenario, pointing out that it was better than bare feet.

Feet seem to be a constant gripe of passengers on planes, with plenty of people baring their toes for the rest of the cabin while they get comfortable.

Recently a woman was shamed for resting her naked feet up against the plane wall, sharing them for the entire cabin to see.

Passengers described the scene as “sickening.”

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