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Heading off on holiday is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience but sometimes the stress of travelling can dampen the mood. 

With multiple bags to check in, large parties to navigate and a constant eye on the clock there’s a lot to think about once you arrive at the airport so thoroughly planning before you set out will ease the experience.  

Locate the airport

This may sound like the most obvious suggestion but is one that can cause the most stress when travelling. You may be familiar with your home airport but Skyscanner recommends familiarises yourself with your destination airport and plan your public transport as required.

Inflight comfort

Loes Daniels, Co-founder of Flightgiftcard, has advised bringing your own flight comfort, especially on long-haul flights. 

She explained: “Investing in a filled neck cushion, rather than an inflatable version, ensures your head and neck are better supported” and therefore allow for a comfier flight.

Screenshot your boarding pass

Jon Thorne, User Satisfaction Manager at Skyscanner advised: ”If you’re using a boarding pass on your mobile phone, take a screenshot of it and save it in your pictures folder on your phone”. This will prevent panic if the internet connection is poor. 

Know your rights in Europe

“For flights in and out of European airports, you’re entitled to certain passenger rights under EU law,” explained Loes. 

“Using the Passenger Rights app (iPhone and Android), you can check your rights immediately and assess the best course of action for flight delays, changes or disruptions.”

Bring extra clear plastic bags

All small liquids need to be stored in clear plastic bags. Preparing these already will not only save time at the airport but will prevent you having to route around in your bag to find that stay deodorant. 

Have a separate travel outfit

Planes are notoriously cold during long-haul flights tight clothes can become irritating and uncomfortable. 

Ed Hewitt from Smarter Travel explained: “Your air travel clothes should be comfortable but presentable, neither too warm nor too thin and somewhat durable. Once you have chosen your air travel clothes, make sure they are clean and at the top of your packing list a couple of days before you travel.”

Pack an empty water bottle

Airports no longer allow bottles of water through security and you are therefore required to buy your own, often more expensive water, at the airport. 

Ed recommends packing your own, reusable water bottle. This is fine to carry through security and you can fill it up at a water fountain after you’ve passed through security.

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