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Flights: Cabin crew issue warning over popular beverage onboard that you should avoid | Travel News | Travel

Flight attendants spend most of their lives in the air and so if there is anything passengers need to know about flying, cabin crew are the go to people to ask. They have previously revealed shocking secrets about their experiences as flight attendants. Planes are not known to be the most hygienic of places but recent research suggests that drinking this drink onboard could make you seriously sick.

She wrote: “The water on the planes is absolutely disgusting, the tanker which the water comes from is literally never cleaned.”

Derry also explained that this includes tea and coffee and this should be picked up in the airport terminal if travellers wish a hot beverage.

She continued: “If you insist on drinking water, ask for bottled water, we would be happy to help you.

“Skip the coffee on the plane, get it when you arrive, trust me.”

A study from the Environmental Protection Agency found that one in eight airplanes do not meet the standards for water safety, and that 12 percent of commercial planes in the US, tested positive for high levels of bacteria in tap water supply.

Cabin crew are never informed how often the water tanks are cleaned and it can be presumed that it isn’t very often, especially when flight attendants have revealed how often planes are actually cleaned.

One flight attendant revealed that seat belt buckles are almost never wiped down and only in the big deep clean would they do so.

During a quick spot clean between flights, cabin crew will often focus on food particles and food wrappers that have been left behind rather than disinfect areas that may be packed with germs.

When travelling, it is always advised to carry hand sanitiser as well as antibacterial wipes so that you can wipe down your area before settling in for the flight.

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