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Flight attendants are privy to a number of secrets onboard a plane that many passengers may not be aware of.

Where the best seat is, how to get the best service; they can make a flight much easier and enjoyable by learning the tricks of the trade.

A former Virgin Atlantic flight attendant revealed how the seatbelt sign can reveal a number of things to passengers from the pilot during the plane journey.

There are three different signals which mean different things.

Laura Hutcheson, who used to work on Virgin Atlantic, revealed to the Washington Post that one signal shows the plane is about to take off.

She explained: “A double chime and flash of the seat belt sign means that takeoff or landing is imminent, and it is the final sign from the captain for the crew to take their seats.”

Therefore any passengers who are still getting their seats or trying to head to the bathroom should quickly do their business and sit down.

The signal is also used for the end of the plane journey as Ms Hutcheson stated: “It is the final sign from the captain for the crew to take their seats.”

Something many passengers try to do is take their seatbelt off and get their bags whilst the plane is still taxiing.

It is advised against doing this because, whilst the plane has touched the tarmac, incidents could still happen and cause injury.

Sometimes the seatbelt sign can be turned off, making people think they are allowed to get up, but she explains that this isn’t the case at all.

Mr Hutcheson explained: “The seat belt signs are turned off by the captain when all of the aircraft’s engines have been fully powered down and the aircraft is securely parked.

“Although the aircraft is at a standstill and passengers believe that it is safe to get up and start getting their bags, the aircraft could still move unexpectedly, which could result in passengers injuring themselves.”

A different member of the cabin crew has revealed that a flashing seatbelt sign could mean something even more terrifying.

If it flashes frequently during landing, it is warning the crew members quickly without letting passengers know.

It could mean that an emergency situation is about to occur.

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