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Famous British landmarks should be easy to recognise – after all they draw international tourists from all over the world – but a new study has shown that many Britons fail to identity even the most iconic buildings.

A survey of 2,000 people in the UK was conducted by antique fireplace dealers Westland London to find out exactly how much they know about Britain’s famous monuments and landmarks. 

The well-known sights included The Angel of the North, Westminster Abbey and Blackpool Tower.

A surprising 55.5 per cent couldn’t identify famous national landmarks such as Big Ben, Edinburgh Castle or Stonehenge, while overall, Britons scored 44.5 per cent on the test, proving how little they really know the UK.

Regionally, people from the East of England did the best, compared to the rest of the UK, but even so they only scored 51.7 per cent. 

Just behind those from the east of the country were the South Westerners, who scored 50 per cent. 

The Britons that performed the worst in the test were Scots, who had a mark of just 35.3 per cent in the quiz to identify famous British monuments and landmarks.

Edinburgh Castle is one of Scotland’s most famous and beautiful monuments – yet 30.8 per cent of Scots were unable to recognise it.

Londoners didn’t perform much better, scoring just 29.8 per cent in total.

Only 45.5 per cent knew what the Globe Theatre  – the Elizabethan playhouse associated with writer William Shakespeare – looked like.

“It looks like us Britons have a lot of studying to do when it comes to knowing our national landmarks!” said Anthony Bridgman at Westland London. 

“Despite being taught about most of them at school, perhaps we just forget about them as we get older.”

How would you compare if you were asked to identify some of Britain’s most famous landmarks and monuments? Take the quiz below.

With Britons faring poorly in the test, it may be the perfect opportunity to consider a staycation in the UK this year to get to know the country better rather than heading abroad.

Figures have revealed that Britain has in fact become a “staycation nation” with 57 per cent of holidaymakers choosing to stay within the UK for their summer holiday.

The “staycation” craze is set to boost the UK economy by a whopping £31billion. 

A traditional jaunt to the seaside remains a firm favourite, with 55 per cent flocking to Britain’s beaches this year.

For the fourth consecutive year, Cornwall tops the chart as Britain’s top holiday destination. Devon takes second position and Bournemouth third.

The UK’s rural landscape is also seen as a jewel of our national heritage and is the second most popular destination for a summer holiday for many Britons.

This year, a third of adults are taking a rural break, with the top destinations including the Lake District, Scottish Highlands and the Cotswolds. 

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