Family life now costing £38,000 a year | UK | News

They spend £37,955 to keep the household going from a disposable income of £46,436. 

Rent, mortgage and council tax are their biggest outlay at £6,624. 

A further £1,424 is spent on power with £484 for water and £588 on repairs. 

The family spends £4,222 on food, with milk (£166), meat (£837), fruit (£276), fresh vegetables (£291), potatoes (£52) and fish (£166). 

Supermarket trolleys are loaded with sweet products such as ice cream (£47), chocolate (£151) and buns, cakes and biscuits (£270). 

We splash out £343 on nonalcoholic drinks including soft drinks such as fizzy and fruit drinks (£146) and fruit squash (£94). 

The parents spend £473 on alcohol they bring home to drink, with wine (£249), beer and cider (£146) and spirits (£78). 

Another £161 is spent on tobacco products. 

The family also spends £1,841 on clothing and footwear.

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