EU savaged for Covid fiasco as French MEP warns ‘citizens waking up’ to ‘incompetent’ bloc | World | News


French MEP Jean-Lin Lacapelle launched into a furious tirade against the EU on Tuesday during the European Parliament Plenary session. He argued against the restrictive conditions of the coronavirus fund and insisted Brussels was attempting to blackmail member states. He also warned the EU of continued failings in the coronavirus crisis as he said citizens were becoming more aware.

Mr Lacapelle said: “The recovery plan contains a number of elements.

“First of all, we have an unfair recovery plan by the largest contributors like France who receive the least.

“We also have Article 9a which means the fund is dependent on respect of rule of law and this is financial and ideological blackmail.

“Then member states have to prepare national plans for recovery and resilience over four years.

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“This will cover the European semesters and this is the European superstate showing itself.”

Mr Lacapelle continued to argue against the stringent measures the EU had set regarding this fund.

He said: “Then at least 60 percent of funds have to be dedicated to the climate and digital economies.

“This illegitimate, the EU is basically auditing member states finances.

He said: “The EU was incompetent in providing masks, it was incompetent in supplying tests, medical protection equipment and in negotiating and delivering vaccines.

“Europe is waking up, we are seeing that European health is a Europe of fiasco.

“We have to manage our own production supplies, that is the only way we can get this under control.”

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