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The Prime Minister listed in the Conservative Party’s statement of intent for their first 100 days in power a February ‘Brexit Budget’, which would see British families save hundreds every year. manifesto pledge will raise the National Insurance threshold to £9,500 from April next year, according to The Daily Telegraph.  This will cut up to £200 for a UK household with two earners.

It comes as the Tories hope to snub any possible swing back to Labour in the final days before the election.

The party hope to deter Remain voters from switching to party.

This tax cut comes among several pledges made by the Tories in their manifesto.

They have also listed a pledge to end the automatic release of serious violent and sexual offenders who have served just half their sentence.

They also plan to implement tougher sentences to ensure that convicted terrorists spend longer in prison.

Mr Johnson also outlined plans to increase funding to schools by March 22nd, on the 100th day of a new Government.

There is proposed legislation for an Australian-style points-based immigration system.

The remaining laws are set to be announced in a Speech on December 19th.

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Some Tory strategists are concerned that the widely predicted result of a Tory majority may cause some voters opting to register a protest vote with Labour.

There is a growing belief that the election is being seen as a binary choice where Brexit is concerned.

If Labour continue to gather the Lib Dem vote, the prospect of a hung parliament becomes increasing likely, with a Labour-SNP coalition at Number 10 becoming a real threat.

Mr Johnson said: “I believe the British people will choose to go forwards and not return to the nightmare of a broken hung parliament.”

Chancellor Sajid Javid said: “There is a path to victory, but it’s a narrow path. I can’t help but think of what happened in 2017 when most polls indicated the Conservatives were ahead. And look what happened.”

When asked when the UK will finally come out the end of its transitional period, Mr Johnson replied: “Well the transition period ends as you know, by the end of 2020, but that is ample time, that is ample time.”

He added it was “nonsense” to believe otherwise, saying: “Look at what we did in three months.”

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