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One of the bald eagles, the national symbol of the United States, had just plucked a fish from the waters of the Conowingo dam, in Maryland.

But as it wheeled away, another swooped down and sank its talons into its tail in an attempt to steal the prize.

The mighty birds of prey, which can have a wingspan of more than seven feet, tumbled over and over in the sky screeching with neither of them letting go for several moments before the first eagle broke free and fled with its meal.

The aerial battle was captured by police detective Scott Suriano, from nearby Baltimore, who is a keen amateur photographer in his spare time.

“It unfolded incredibly fast,” said Scott, 50. “The first eagle circled the pool of water closest to the dam for a few moments and then quickly dived down after a fish.

“The eagle began making its way towards me but was cut off by another eagle.

“I rattled off as many pictures as I could of the dog fight and the eagle with the fish kept his meal and the attacker got nothing, except for a few tail feathers.”

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