Thursday , April 9 2020

Dubai coronavirus: All UAE flights cancelled – latest FCO travel advice for Dubai | Travel News | Travel

Dubai travel rules have become increasingly strict in recent days as the global coronavirus crisis worsens. Currently there are 423,670 cases of coronavirus across the world. The UAE only has 238 – relatively few compared to many other countries (the UK has 8,164).

“The UAE have announced that inbound and outbound flights will stop as of midnight Tuesday 24 March,” said the FCO.

“We know that British travellers in the UAE will have been affected by the recent suspension of flights.

“The British Embassy is collecting information to help understand how.

“If you are a remaining British traveller and in difficulty, contact the British Embassy on


“Include your full name, passport number, visa status (resident or tourist), contact details and your particular circumstances.

“In the meantime, you should continue to contact your airline or tour operator regarding any possible return flights.

“This will ensure any demand is logged in the airlines own assumptions about the number of people waiting to return to the UK.

“The British Embassy is in constant contact with the local authorities, airlines and other diplomatic missions to explore all possible avenues.”

The UK government added: “The British Embassy is issuing regular updates on Twitter and Facebook with advice and the latest available information on options for British nationals wishing to leave the UAE.”

Travel expert Simon Calder appeared on BBC Breakfast today to share his advice with Britongs who are struggling to get home.

“The best thing anyone who is stranded can do is contact their MP,” he said, “yes they do have a kind of magic bullet but a magic email through to the Foreign Office where you can alert to particular cases of distress.

“Of course if you can get yourself out of there then please do but increasingly the avenues are closing down.

“It’s really a matter, in these extreme circumstances, of putting increasing pressure on your MP, on the Foreign Office and just doing what you can.”

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