Monday , February 17 2020

Driving fine warning: You could be hit with £1,000 charge today for using a car horn

Using a car horn at the wrong time could see police officers stop a vehicle and issue a fixed penalty fine of £30. However, in severe cases or if the charge is disputed in a court overall costs could rise considerably to £1,000. 

“A horn should not be sounded when stationary on a road at any time, other than at times of danger due to another vehicle on or near the road.”

Motorists can use their horn to warn fellow motorists of their presence to avoid an accident if it is necessary. 

Horns can be used to warn other motorists to not carry on a certain action such as pulling into a lane if you feel it could end up in a collision. 

Research from Warranty Direct found only 38 percent of those surveyed knew it was illegal to use a car horn while stationary.

The chief operating officer at Warranty Direct, Phillip Ward said: “Our latest survey reveals there is a strong need for UK drivers to brush up on their knowledge of driving laws.

“The results suggest many mistakes made could be down to not knowing the appropriate laws, which can be easily rectified.

A survey by car insurance firm 1st Central revealed one in seven motorists believed it was ok to use their horn at any time of the day. 

Warning fellow motorists 

Road users can also get into severe trouble if they use any part of their car to warn motorists of an upcoming speed trap or police car. 

Those that prevent motorists from being caught by speed cameras or enforcement agencies could see you be charged with obstructing a police officer. 

Those who are caught could be fined up to £1,000 and may even face at least one month in prison in severe circumstances. 

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