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Chi Chi lost all four legs after being hung up and deliberately terrified to enhance her taste before being served up as soup in South Korea.

Instead of being eaten, the golden retriever was left for dead by dog meat farmers and eventually rescued by animal lovers.

Although airlifted to the USA, Chi Chi’s injuries were so bad that all four legs had to be amputated, but now she has a new spring in her step after having a set of hi-tech limbs created by the animal prosthetics expert.

Campana’s remarkable work features in a new television series Dodo Heroes, which premieres on the Animal Planet channel at 9pm tonight (June 9).

Cameras follow the animal orthotist as he helps a 30-year-old bull elephant in Botswana with a life-threatening leg injury and also creates a new set of legs for Chi Chi.

Campana travels to Phoenix, Arizona, to meet Chi Chi’s owners Richard and Elizabeth Howell for the magical moment the dog they adopted can put her four best feet forward.

“You look like a tank now,” Campana tells Chi Chi as the bright purple heavy-duty limbs are attached and she starts to run.

“I love Chi Chi and I love how well she’s doing,” he adds. “That’s what I live for… That’s why I do this job: to see a dog like Chi Chi running on four prosthetic legs with smile.”

The fact that Chi Chi looks so contented, wagging her tail and walking obediently with her owners, shows remarkable fortitude.

“Chi Chi’s back story is so tragic,” explains Campana, describing her ordeal in South Korea.

“There is a 1,000 year old tradition where they believe torturing animals makes their meat taste better. She was hung upside down for so long it cut off all the blood supply and they had to amputate her legs.

“How an animal who has been interfered with so dramatically by humans can still trust in other human beings is such a huge strength.”

Animal Planet’s new series highlights the inspiring stories from The Dodo digital media platform about remarkable people going to unimaginable lengths to save pets and wildlife.

In the first episode, Campana’s calling also sees him travelling to Botswana to fit Jabu with the world’s first elephant orthotic leg brace.

* The special six-episode series will premiere Saturday, June 9 at 9PM BST and will be premiere to more than 350 million Animal Planet viewers around the world in up to 200 countries.

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