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Doctor Sleep trailer: What does trailer show about The Shining sequel? | Films | Entertainment

The final trailer has been released for Doctor Sleep. In it, we see what horror is in store for Dan Torrance, years after his traumatic experience at the Overlook Hotel. Here is what we can learn from the new trailer. 

What does the new trailer for Doctor Sleep reveal?

For a start, we see Dan Torrance, now much older, driving the snowy journey up towards the place of his most dreaded memory – the Overlook Hotel.

He prises open the door and begins to tell the audience there was a “dark place” when he was a child, as he begins to explore his nightmare.

Dan reveals the Overlook Hotel was closed down and they “let it rot,” but the things which lived there “come back.”

At that, viewers see the return of the horrific twins, before they are shown a small town.

Here, 40 years on, Dan is clearly struggling, as he is seen suffering from horrific nightmares and looking worse for wear, as he admits he is “running away” from himself.

But quickly his isolation is removed when he meets a young girl who claims to also have “the shining,” though she jokes it means they are magic.

She tells him of a group of people who “kill” those with the shining, with their leader trying to infiltrate her head to control her.

In order to escape and beat them, Dan takes her to the Overlook Hotel, in the hopes they can triumph.

Some terrifying moments are teased with a frightening figure in a bathtub, blood blooding the hotel corridors, the ominous presence of the group’s leader following them with knives, and finally, Dan being covered in ghoulish hands.

But can he and the little girl fight back and win?

Who is in Doctor Sleep?

Ewan McGregor plays the adult Dan Torrance, while Kyliegh Curran plays Abra Stone, the young girl also with the shining.

Rebecca Ferguson plays Rose the Hat, the head of the True Knot cult who feed on children with psychic powers, while Emily Alyn Lind and Zahn McClarnon play members of her terrifying squad.

Carl Lumbly plays Dick Hallorann, the cook from the Overlook Hotel who was played by Scatman Crothers in the original movie.

While Alex Essoe plays a young Wendy Torrance, Dan’s mother, who was played by Shelley Duvall in the original movie.

Is Doctor Sleep a sequel to The Shining?

The 2013 novel is a sequel to Stephen King’s original 1977 novel, which was then adapted by Stanley Kubrick in 1980.

But director Mike Flanagan has said, while Doctor Sleep is a direct adaptation, the movie will also “acknowledge Kubrick’s The Shining in some way.”

This means there are flashback moments to that film, including seeing a young Danny driving his trike around the hotel.

Doctor Sleep is in UK cinemas on October 31

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