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Defrosting your car windscreen is essential if it freezes and obstructs your view when driving.

In fact, it is illegal to drive if your windscreen is not defrosted sufficiently to see.

For those who find the process long and inconvenient, there is a simple trick to make it easier. 

Using a £1.35 item mixed with water, you can thaw your windshield in seconds – leaving you free to drive.

The item is rubbing alcohol, a common household item usually used as an antiseptic. 

It also comes in handy for your car on frosty days, explains meteorologist Ken Weathers in a useful video.

Speaking of frozen windscreens, he says: “There are two ways you usually get rid of it – warm up your car for a long period of time, or an old ice scraper.

“Here’s a better way. A simple solution: all you do is spray.”

Spraying the windscreen surface with a liquid, he explains: “It’s not water.

“You don’t add hot water to a windshield. It is rubbing alcohol, mixed with water.”

He goes on to explain how to prepare the solution.

“One third part of water, and you mix it with two thirds parts of rubbing alcohol.”

“You mix these two solutions together, and pour it into a simple spray bottle.”

Recently, it was revealed how to keep warm without turning up the thermostat.

The trick involved using a certain £5 item to reduce heating bills.

But what do you think that item was, and would you use one?

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