Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Chris Evans hits back at Virgin Radio listener who lost respect for him | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Chris Evans, 53, was left a little snubbed after receiving a text from a listener that didn’t quite make sense. While he was reading messages from his fans on Wednesday morning’s Virgin Radio show, he came across one text that he felt needed to be cleared up.

The listener didn’t hold back, stating they had “lost respect” for the host after he allegedly slated Bat Out of Hell by Meat Loaf when judging whether or not the song qualifies for a place in the team’s ‘best songs in the world ever Wednesday’ daily category game.

Reading out the message, Chris seemed unimpressed: “Kareem in Renfrewshire says that ‘after 35 years of listening to you I lost respect when you cheered and bopped and slated Bat Out of Hell for best songs in the world ever Wednesday. What are you thinking?’”

Listeners heard co-star, Rachel Horne, gasp as he continued: “The question, what are you thinking? Tell me what I’m thinking, tell me how stupid I am,” the host said, encouraging fans to challenge is opinions.

But he wasn’t finished there: “Listen back to how your loading your own argument,” Chris decided to address the criticism.

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Reading out the text again, Chris denied he ever slated the rock song. “I didn’t slate Bat Out of Hell,” he said bluntly.

“I said Bat Out of Hell is brilliant song, a brilliant album. But it doesn’t qualify for ‘best songs in the world ever Wednesday’,” he explained.

Chris was adamant he never said what the fan had claimed: “I didn’t say that, maybe that’s what you heard but that’s not what I said,” the radio DJ insisted.

It seemed the message ruffled more feathers than first thought as he continued to blast the listener for not making sense.

As fans know, Chris and some of his team, along with 50 generous listeners and VIP guests flew to the Netherlands last month to run in the Amsterdam Marathon for Alzheimer’s UK campaign, Dementia Revolution, raising over £400,000 for the charity.

Now, Chris has got his sights set on competeing in more runs as they plan on taking part in the Tokyo marathon next year, followed by the London Marathon and then another after that.

One viewer, however, wasn’t convinced by his training schedule and once again Chris shut them down.

He read out the message from a listener called ‘tall Tim’: “Now tall Tim says this, ok tall Tim, I know who you are,” Chris sighed: “This was interesting for about a second.”

He read out the text message: “Just doing the marathon maths on your ambitions for the three [marathons] next year,” the listener wrote.

“With 17 weeks training for the marathon, that’s 51 weeks of training all year.”

This was the last straw, as Chris exclaimed: “Tall Tim, back your truck up buddy, alright!”

“Tokyo is in March, the first, so we’ve already been training for that. Christmas is seven weeks today so you can take those out and the week up to New Year because we still have another week of 2019.”

“So already, according to your maths were down to 43 weeks,” Chris said, smugly.

Hopefully the radio host and his team will 

The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky airs weekdays at 6:30pm.

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