China sparks war fears as Beijing makes ‘concrete steps’ to prepare for battle with Taiwan | World | News


Taiwanese media outlets said Chinese military aircraft entered the country’s airspace on 30 different days last month. China’s state news outlet the Global Time retaliated by warning the intrusions over Taiwan were a sign Beijing is “preparing to fight the possible war through exercises”.

Global Times reports noted the increased military aircraft over Taiwan, and quoted an analyst who said China “has sent a clear warning by formulating easily understandable words that ‘Taiwan independence’ means war”.

They added China is also “making concrete steps to prepare for one if it happens by conducting intensive exercises in the Taiwan Straits”.

The Global Times then warned “foreign and Taiwan secessionist forces should not miscalculate” China’s willingness to go to war, insisting it is “both talking the talk and walking the walk”.

It said: “The mainland is both talking the talk and walking the walk, so foreign and Taiwan secessionist forces should not make the strategic error of believing that the mainland dare not use force when needed, and such miscalculation could lead to a result neither side would like to see.”

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In response to Chinese threats last year, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said: “We don’t have a need to declare ourselves an independent state”.

John Kirby, US Pentagon spokesman, also responded to the recent aerial drills, calling threats of war “unfortunate”.

He said: “We find that comment unfortunate and certainly not commensurate with our intentions to meet our obligations under the Taiwan Relations Act and to continue to, as Secretary [Antony] Blinken at the State Department said yesterday, look for ways where we can cooperate with China, but we have obligations that we intend to meet.”

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