Saturday , July 11 2020

Car insurance UK: Annual policy is not fit for purpose – car sharing may save costs

However, he revealed the couple would continue to use car sharing after restrictions were erased as it was a “safer option”. 

Car sharing among those in a household or across “social bubbles” will eman motorists are shielded from busy public transport services. 

Mr Oates said: “Since August 2019, we’ve been travelling in to work together which has saved us almost £500 so far, which we’re hoping to be able to put towards a holiday in Thailand once things go back to normal! 

“Once restrictions are lifted, we’ll continue to commute this way as not only does it save us money, but it’s a much safer option that abides by social distancing measures. 

“And, with it looking likely that we’ll be going into the office much less and working from home two to three days a week, we plan to save even more.”

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