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Denis MacShane described the UK’s exit from the EU as “separating to siamese twins”. But Belinda de Lucy hit out at his claims and explained it shouldn’t be avoided just because it’s difficult. Speaking on Iain Dale’s LBC show, Mr MacShane said: “Leaving is actually much harder than joining.

“This is actually more difficult that separating to siamese twins.”

Mr Dale asked: “But why?”

Mr MacShane continued: “Because you’re interconnected in so many different ways and overtime you say, right let’s have this quota on lamb.

“Someone else says yes but we would like to have Gibraltar settled, freedom of movement and somebody will cause a row about that.”

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He went on to explain Switzerland accepts freedom of movement and a lot of other EU rules despite not being a member state.

He continued: “They’ve been negotiating since 1993, they had a referendum then and they’ve had to accept an awful lot of things.

“Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage has said but we don’t have to accept this because we’re proud Brits.”

Ms de Lucy intercepted: “Yes but Denis just because it’s difficult doesn’t mean we can’t accept change otherwise nothing would have changed over history.

Boris Johnson and his Conservative Party want a trade deal with Brussels by the end of 2020.

Britain is set to leave the European Union on January 31, but further Brexit talks are being put on hold due to the upcoming general election on December 12.

But speaking on BBC News, Mark Littlewood, director general of the Institute of economic Affairs (IEA), predicted a deal will be struck just before next year’s deadline.

When asked by the host when a deal is going to be agreed, he replied: “I am a gambling man, so you can put me on the spot, and I think it will be at the last minute.”

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