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Brexit news: Dover MP calls for firework display so big ‘it can be seen from France’ | Politics | News

Natalie Elphicke, Conservative MP for Dover and Deal, wants a “We love the UK” banner to be hung from the White Cliffs of Dover on Friday, January 31. This would be to replace the current plan to hang a pro-EU banner there instead. which would read: “We still love the EU”. This banner is being crowdfunded by Liberal Democrat MEP Antony Hook and has so far raised £13,000 – almost three times the original target of £5,000.

But Ms Elphicke is hoping Brexit day will be a chance for the the UK to “reclaim out place as an independent nation”.

She wrote on Facebook: “People in Dover and Deal voted overwhelmingly to leave Europe and reclaim our place as an independent nation.

“This is a moment where we can look forward with ambition to the Britain we can build in the decades to come.

“A nation where we not only respect the democratic decisions of the British people, but work together to make ours a land of opportunity and prosperity, from which every corner of our country will benefit.

“That’s why the message we should be beaming on to the White Cliffs is that ‘We love the UK’ – because we are proud to become an independent nation again.”

Brexit Day celebrations will be taking place elsewhere in the country next Friday.

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage confirmed the Leave Means Leave campaign group will hold a “Happy Brexit Day” celebration in Parliament Square to mark the big occasion.

Mr Farage tweeted: “It is a big moment in the history of this nation to celebrate.”

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“We are still working on making the famous bell of Big Ben toll, but if bureaucrats in parliament refuse to allow this, we will recreate the sound with out powerful speaker system.

“The world will be watching and licensing. After more than 20 years of EU membership and a three-and-a-half year battle to uphold the referendum result, Brexit is happening.

“Join us and make it a night to remember!”

Meanwhile, the Government has its own plans for Brexit day.

A clock counting down to the moment Britain leaves the EU on January 31 will be projected onto Downing Street.

Buildings around Whitehall will also be lit up and Union Flags will be flown on all the poles in Parliament Square.

The commemorative Brexit coin will come into circulation as well.

And Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to be one of the first people to receive one of the newly-minted 50p pieces.

Mr Johnson will chair a special meeting of his Cabinet in the north of England on January 31.

This will involved ministers discussing the Government’s plans to spread prosperity and opportunity across the UK.

He will then make a special address to the nation in the evening.

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