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Boris Johnson finally broke his silence after hardline Brexiteers openly discussed ousting Mrs May earlier this week.

Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington where he received the Irving Kristol Award, the former Foreign Secretary said Theresa May’s Chequers plan must be ditched but she should remain as Prime Minister.

When asked if he had a message for the 50 Eurosceptic MPs who met earlier this week to discuss a coup against Mrs May, he said: ”It’s not about the leadership.

“It’s about the policy.

“It’s not about changing Prime Minister.

“It’s about chucking Chequers.”

The front-runner to eventually replace Mrs May went onto discuss his own ideas for the party and called for a return to Thatcherite values.

The MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip said social mobility and “helping people to seize control of their own destiny” should be the Conservatives number one priority.

He said: “If you think back to the great achievements of the Thatcher era, it was about helping people to seize control of their own destiny.

“It was about buying shares or buying their own homes.

“We need to recover that momentum.

“One of the reasons people voted to Leave was because they felt they were not getting a fair suck of the sauce bottle, as they say.

“People are stuck in entry-level jobs and they’re not progressing. And we’re not focusing on those issues, we’re not helping people enough.

“People are not being made to feel needed enough.

“And it’s a serious problem.”

Mr Johnson is likely to upstage Mrs May at the Conservative Party conference next month in Birmingham when he makes a speech the day before the Prime Minister delivers her keynote speech.

Lord Heseltine, who served as Defence Secretary in the Thatcher Cabinet, predicted earlier this week Mr Johnson would succeed Mrs May but his premiership would divide the Conservative Party.

The claims came after Labour said it would vote against any Brexit deal based on the Chequers proposal.

But Mrs May hopes to make major progress on Brexit at a key summit next week when the leaders of all 28 member states meet in Salzburg, Austria to discuss reaching a deal.

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