Bob Mortimer health: Comedian discusses his surgery to help reduce heart attack risk


Bob Mortimer, 61, is a comedian best known for his work alongside Vic Reeves in their double act, Vic and Rob. Bob experienced a major health issue which was certainly no laughing matter.

The Shooting Stars host was due to embark on the first leg of a 25th anniversary tour with Reeves, but the duo cancelled the dates so Mortimer could recover from the operation.

Bob told the Big Issue: “My doctor told me that I would have had a heart attack on stage.

“He looked at my tour schedule and said I would most likely have gone down in Southampton.

“When I came home from being told I had to have heart surgery, it felt so dramatic. You think it is over.

“Heart surgery just sounds … it was weird, the things that would make me cry were my favourite egg cup and my cats.

“Four days later they were cutting me open. I was 95 percent blocked.

“It is amazing when you see the pictures, because it is an incredibly resistant organ – if there is a gap, it will push that blood through it.”

It was not all doom and gloom for Mortimer who decided to propose to his long-term girlfriend an hour before his operation and went on to make a full recovery.

Heart attacks pose serious health risks and can be life-threatening.

A heart attack can occur when a blockage in the coronary arteries disrupts blood flow to the heart, which can cause permanent damage.

Blockages occur when fat, cholesterol, and other substances build up, forming deposits called plaques in blood vessels.

These plaques can become damaged over time and may release platelets.

Symptoms of a heart attack include:

• Chest pain

• Upper body pain

• Sweating

• Nausea

• Fatigue

• Trouble breathing

A heart attack is a serious medical emergency.

Seek immediate medical attention if you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms that could signal a heart attack.

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