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BBC Question Time LIVE: Labour suffer humiliating audience attack as Brexit tensions erupt | UK | News

Labour incensed the audience, panelists and Fiona Bruce following their refusal to accept Boris Johnson’s challenge of a general election. Despite being asked on numerous occasions for their position on a variety of topics, Labour, and Conservative Remainer Brandon Lewis, both failed to give a definitive answer. Thursday’s programme mainly consisted of talks over Brexit, Yellowhammer and Boris Johnson’s trasnparency.

Heated conversations also emerged over former Prime Minister David Cameron’s role in the UK exiting the European Union.

The panel and audience members also had a lengthy discussion over Theresa May’s controversial Honours list.

The panel included Conservative MP Brandon Lewis, Labour’s John Healey and the Democratic Unionist Party’s Jeffrey Donaldson.

They were also joined by EU law professor Catherine Barnard and author and broadcaster Afua Hirsch.

Question Time began at 10.35pm on BBC One last night, see below for our live updates from the show…

BBC Question Time returns tonight from 10.35pm on BBC One (Image: BBC)

11:32pm: Mr Lewis agreed with the audience’s opinions

He outlined he did not know how the Honours panel came to their decision. 

One audience member said it should be left to the Queen to decide.

Ms Barnard claimed “hard working” people like volunteers only got lower levels of honours compared to athletes and film stars. 

An audience member thought they should remove honours when found guilty for something.

11:30pm: Ms Bruce changed the top to the recent honours list

Ms Hirsch believed Geoffrey Boycott should not have been given a knighthood.

She claimed he should “absolutely not” not have one as it is a knighthood of valour.

The author and broadcaster added “the whole system is corrupt”.

Mr Healey said it was “wrong” of Theresa May to want to give him a Knighthood. 

There were no hands that rose when Ms Bruce asked who did think he should have gotten one.

Audience members debated Brexit, a General Election and the Honours list

Audience members debated Brexit, a General Election and the Honours list (Image: BBC)

11:28pm: Ms Barnard claimed Mr Cameron’s successor Theresa May could be blamed for the issues with Brexit

The Trinity College tutor said there was no action taken during the summer Ms May took over, with the first mention of Brexit coming at the following party conference. 

She said her red lines laid down acted as a “straight jacket” which limited the negotiations going forward.

11:25pm: Fiona Bruce said the DUP benefited from Mr Cameron’s decision

Mr Donaldson said: “I do think the difficulty is that over the last two or three years we haven’t seen a strong enough approch to the negotioations.

“We need to give the current Prime Minister a chance to take this to Brussels to get a deal.”

He made a jibe at Mr Healey claiming Labour would campaign against their own deal if there was a referendum.

11:24pm: Labour savaged by an audience member claiming they didn’t want an election

He claimed they were frightened they would be “decimated in the polls”.

The audience memebr also said the party were also scared of a “Corbyn win”.

Mr Healey tried to defend the party but the audience meebr shouted: “If its a bowl of soup your policies are a fork”.

Audience members claimed there was no point in a general election

Audience members claimed there was no point in a general election (Image: BBC)

11:22pm Ms Hirsh commented on the topic of Mr Cameron claiming “we need to stop rewarding bad behaviour”

She claimed it was like the honours list as it was “rewarding people for failure”.

She said: “Leaving is much harder than the people were led to believe it would be.”

11:20pm The disgruntled audience member claimed he didn’t care what Mr Cameron’s legacy would be

He told the panel the Government has no respect for democracy or the British people. 

He added: “Just go away”

11:18pm An audience member asked the panel how he could sue David Cameron for the stress of Brexit

Fiona asked him if he though it was all Mr Cameron’s fault. 

He replied the former Prime Minister gave the country the option to have their say on the European Union.

Mr Lewis said: “The problem we’ve had is Parliamentarians not respecting the vote of 2016.”

11:17pm Ms Hirsh said if Mr Johnson misled the Queen, why should the Prime Minister not mislead the public?

She claimed the most senior courts in the UK felt he had false motives.

She added the government was “trashing” the judiciary.

11:15pm Mr Donaldson claimed Jeremy Corbyn ran away from the opportunity of having a general election twice

He said: “I rather suspect because of the deep divisions in the Labour party they don’t want a generel election right now.”

Audience members had some heated discussions

Audience members had some heated discussions (Image: BBC)

11:12pm: Another audience member asked how the public were meant to trust the Prime Minister after hearing only negative things 

Mr Healey claimed it was astonishing there was a debate that there was a Prime Minister who had be lying.

He said: “We should be there holding him to account. “

Mr Donaldson said if the people weren’t happy the only option was to have a generel election. 

11:10pm: An audience member said there was no respect for the judiciary

He said he wondered “what kind of country we are living in”.

Mr Lewis said be believes in the independece of the courts.

11:05pm: An audience member asked if Boris Johnson should resign if he acted unlawfully

Ms Barnard said it showed the limitations of the UK’s constitution.

Ms Bruce took a swipe at Mr Johnson saying “things are going so well”.

Afua Hirsch claimed there should be no rewards for 'bad behaviour

Afua Hirsch claimed there should be no rewards for ‘bad behaviour’ (Image: BBC)

11:01pm An audience member attacked Labour claiming they wouldn’t pass the backstop when it was put to Parliament

Mr Healey defended Labour by claiming Theresa May’s deal did not have the support of the public.

He then attacked Mr Lewis and the Conservative party.

He added he felt Boris Johnson had lost the confidence of his party.

10:58pm Fiona asked Mr Donaldson if there would be a hard border as a result of Brexit

He replied claiming it would be “economically devestating” for Northern ireland.

The DUP’s chief whip in Westminster claimed the noises from Brussels claim they are being more flexible.

He beleived there was a mutual interest for both the UK and Ireland to have a deal. 

10:55pm A question arose from the audience over the economic damage of delaying Brexit

Mr Lewis claimed it was difficult to assess the damage and it would create more uncertainty.

He said if the UK leaves with a deal it will be good for businesses.

He added: “To delay brexit would be hugely damaging for democracy.”

Fiona Bruce made jibes at Brandon Lewis and Boris Johnson

Fiona Bruce made jibes at Brandon Lewis and Boris Johnson (Image: BBC)

10:53pm An audience member said democracy was dead in the country so there was no point in voting

He said a general election was not the best thing to do.

Another said there was no point of one if “we’re not going to allow the Government to govern.”

10:50pm Catherine Barnard outlined whether the EU would give an extension to Brexit

She claimed there was planning being done on both sides.

Jeffrey Donaldson claimed it was possible to get a deal.

He said: “Frankly it is by far the best option for the UK and Northern Ireland.”

10:47pm An audience member asked Brandon Lewis how the Government planned to get a deal through Parliament between the 17 – 31 october after it being rejected three times

Mr Lewis explained the Government was working on getting it through and he was confident. 

The audience member claimed he was lying and hadn’t answered his question. 

10:44pm An audience member claimed they wanted a general election to represent their views

John Healey claimed the audience member was right.

He said Labour’s stance was “first and foremost to make sure Britain could not crash out in Brexit”.

Afua Hirsch reconfirmed the audience member’s claims saying: “This Prime Minister was not elected.”

Ms Hirsch added: “This Government has triggered a breakdown of trust.”

10:40pm Host Fiona Bruce opens the show as the first question is asked: “With Yellowhammer should this now be the end to any further discussions on Brexit?”

Brandon Lewis said he was still confident the UK will get a Brexit deal.

He added: “The Government is prepared for any outcome.”

He said he was confident the UK will leave the EU on October 31.

John Healey was told Labour were running away from an election

John Healey was told Labour were running away from an election (Image: BBC)

Who is Brandon Lewis?

Brandon Lewis is the Conservative Security Minister.

He was Party Chairman under Theresa May.

Since 2010 he has been the MP for Great Yarmouth.

Who is John Healey?

John Healey is Labour’s Shadow Housing Secretary.

He was a Minister under Tony Blair.

Mr Healey is a former disability rights campaigner.

Who is Jeffrey Donaldson?

Jeffrey Donaldson is the DUP’s chief whip at Westminster.

Since 1997 he has been the MP for Lagan Valley.

He is Northern Ireland’s longest-serving current MP.

Who is Catherine Barnard?

Catherine Barnard is a British legal scholar.

She is a professor of EU law at Cambridge University.

Ms Barnard is also a senior tutor at the University’s Trinity College.

Who is Afua Hirsch?

Afua Hirsch is an author and broadcaster.

Her book, Brit(ish) was published in 2008.

Ms Hirsch has worked for Sky and the Guardian.

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