Austria and Germany welcome Chinese and Russian vaccines as EU desperately seeks out jabs | World | News


On Sunday Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said he was open to the nation using Russia’s Sputnik V coronavirus . He also said he would consider using the Chinese alternatives being produced within Austria. However, he said this would only be the case if those vaccines received authorisation from the EU medicines regulators.

Speaking to the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag the Austrian Chancellor said: “It’s about getting a safe vaccine as quickly as possible.

“It is not about who makes it.

“Austria would certainly try to make production capacity available at appropriate national firms if the Russian and Chinese manufacturers secure approval.

“It would also be if they are produced in Europe.

“This is just like manufacturers from other countries.”

Mr Kurz said he would also consider receiving the Russian vaccine if it was approved by EU regulators.

He said: “The only important thing is their effectiveness, their safety, and their swift availability, not geopolitical struggles.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said she is open to the use of the Russian made vaccine Sputnik V.

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In the EU at present the only authorised vaccines for coronavirus are from Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca.

The EU has been criticised because of the slow pace of vaccinations in its member states.

AstraZeneca also warned the Brussels bloc there would be delays to deliveries of the jab.

The bloc then imposed export controls on vaccines produced in the EU.

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