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Apple AirPods Pro, BT Complete Wifi, Google Nest Wifi: Latest Reviews

Finding yourself umm’ing and err’ing between two smartphones models, Bluetooth speakers, or headphones? Then you’re in the right place!

What follows is a comprehensive list of the latest product reviews written by the tech team. We’re always bashing on new rugged gadgets, barking orders at smart speakers, replacing perfectly good lightbulbs with Wi-Fi enabled equivalents, re-wiring our routers with the latest from Google and Eero, and plugging and unplugging HDMI dongles to check which are best suited to weekend-long binges of The Haunting Of Hill House – all so you don’t have to! 

Here at, we test everything from smart home gadgetry, TVs, smartphones, headphones, fitness trackers, laptops, and much, much more. As we rattle towards the Black Friday sales, there are more products than ever before to assess and rate.

Here is a comprehensive list of some of the toys that arrived in towers and left with a shiny new star rating. We test everything we review thoroughly, usually living with the device in our own homes for a few weeks before putting pen to paper.

First up, we’ve been using the latest MacBook Pro design from Apple. The new 16-inch notebook has a very similar design to its predecessor – with a few tweaks to the svelte OLED touchscreen, known as the Touch Bar, and the screen has increased to 16-inches. But the most interesting part of this new notebook is the keyboard.

Apple has finally ditched its controversial Butterfly-mechanism keyboard, which was so unreliable even new laptop models had to be added to an extended warranty scheme rolled-out by the company, in favour of the scissor key mechanism used on the keyboards that ship with the iMac, as well as older Apple laptops.

Back at home, we have put two whole-home Wi-Fi solutions from two of the biggest technology companies through their paces – Google’s Nest Wifi system and BT Complete Wi-Fi. For the last few weeks, we’ve also been wandering around the house clutching our phones – studying the bars of signal to ensure these mesh systems have successfully eradicated any of the internet blackholes and patchy Wi-Fi to guarantee crystal-clear 4K Ultra HD streaming in every room. You can read the full review below to find out if it did.

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We’re always adding more reviews to, so please check back regularly to find out the latest in-depth analysis on the new tech vying for space inside your pocket, or on your shelves at home.

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