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Lee Christensen has spoken about how she landed the role in Power Book II: Ghost, saying: “The audition was really crazy. So I just got the audition through my agent and it didn’t really tell you anything.

“It was for Ghost but it turned out to be first scene with Saxe, the one where she gets arrested for buying weed.

‘So, it’s like, ‘Okay, she’s kind of a bada** but obviously I didn’t know the character was going to be Saxe’s [niece] or anything.”

She added to The Knockturnal: “I went in an auditioned and I was like, ‘Okay, I hope I get a call back or whatever.’”

The star impressed in her audition and got a callback with creator Courtney Kemp getting her to perform again, however, it was only at the table read she found out the part was hers.

Power Book II: Ghost is streaming on Starz and Starzplay via Amazon Prime Video

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