Boris Johnson lockdown rebellion – letter in full as 70 Tory MPs REFUSE to back Boris | UK | News

“Today, the lockdown cure prescribed runs the very real risk of being worse than the disease. We are especially concerned about outside sport, the 10pm curfew, closure of non-essential retail, gyms and personal care business, restrictions on worship, care home visits, hospitality and the inclusion of children under 12 in the Rule of Six.

“In these areas, we need to be assured of the evidence of their effectiveness, whether a mandatory approach produces better outcomes than a voluntary one, whether a blanket approach produces better outcomes a targeted one, whether adherence will be sustainable and crucially, that transparent assessment shows they do more good than harm.

“Wher harms are certain but benefits uncertain – such as closing schools – an intervention should not be used.

“The burden is on the Government to demonstrate the necessity and proportionality of each restriction.

“Public Health England already said this week that for each day that we relax measures fully for Christmas, they recommend five days of lockdown. 

“We cannot live under such a series of damaging lockdowns and apparently arbitrary restrictions, and expect our constituents to be grateful for being let out to enjoy the festive season, only to have strict restrictions imposed on them afterwards that cause them health problems and destroy their livelihood.

“Our country instead needs a different and enduring strategy for living with the virus that can last beyond Christmas.

“Restrictions should be removed immediately if it cannot be shown that they are saving more lives than they cost.”

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