Cyclists are put at risk on UK roads as one third of drivers do not keep a safe distance

Drivers may be risking the lives of cyclists and putting themselves in danger of heavy penalties by failing to keep enough of a gap. Research from Cycling Scotland found that one-third of road users do not always leave a 1.5-metre gap between themselves and cyclists.

Quotezone also warns drivers that the points will remain on a licence and continue to affect costs for up to five years.

Undercover policemen are now using helmet fitted cameras on bicycles to help identify offenders which could see many unsuspecting road users facing the consequences.

Quotezone spokesperson, Greg Wilson said: “I would also expect an upcoming spike in December to January with many putting bikes at the top of their Christmas list this year.

“This increase signals potential dangers – while there may be fewer cars on the road, the reduced congestion levels could encourage some motorists to increase their speed.

“With so many people taking up cycling during lockdown a greater number of cyclists on the road may be relatively inexperienced, so making sure drivers make room with the 1.5-metre rule has never been so important.

“We work hard to get drivers the best policy at the best price, and even when a driver has received penalty points we still have panel members that can offer them competitive quotes.

“However, the best plan is to ensure you don’t get those endorsements in the first place.

“Which is why we recommend that drivers take their time, keep their distance and use the 1.5-metre rule when it comes to cyclists – that way we can ensure we all stay safe on the road.”

Earlier this month fresh data from the National Accident Helpline found that over half of cyclists were not able to correctly identify current Highway Code rules.

A total of 68 percent did not think they needed to leave any room when cycling past parked vehicles or watch out for doors opening.

Meanwhile, 59 percent said they did not think they needed to obey all traffic signs and signals in a major safety concern.

A Department for Transport consultation into Highway Code changes closes on Tuesday evening and could see laws changes to improve safety for cyclists.

The new changes would introduce a hierarchy of road users system which means road users who can do the greatest harm will have the biggest responsibility to reduce danger.

The change will also advise drivers to give priority to cyclists at junctions when travelling straight ahead.

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