Pub lockdown warning: Greene King boss warns of employment consequences of Tier 2 measures | UK | News

Nick Mackenzie told LBC the support businesses are getting that are under Tier 2 measures is not enough and that Tier 3 support needs to apply to the tier below. He also urged the Chancellor to look at the situation and make a further announcement surrounding the support available for businesses in order to protect thousands of jobs.  

Mr Mackenzie said: “Some pubs are 80 percent down year-on-year and that is just not viable.

“The effect of this is closure and therefore the support we need is absolutely critical to be able to save jobs.”

He added: “The impact in the city centres, particularly London has been extremely challenging.

“The support we are getting in Tier 2 is simply not enough, we need the Tier 3 support to apply to Tier 2 and we need that to happen quickly.

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“The Chancellor needs to look at this, I think in the early part of next week, and make some sort of announcement.

“Because the impact on trade is severe and we know furlough in its current form runs out on 31 October.

“The call is do something soon and move us more towards the Tier 3 support.

“That is how we are going to be ableto protect jobs in there hundreds and thousand.”

Mr Parry said: “If you had a one to one with Boris Johnson the Prime Minister right now what would you say?”

Mr Martin said: “I would say Boris, you have got to change course.

“You have got to start swimming or you will sink like a stone.

“The tides are changing, you have got to change course.”

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