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Boris Johnson addressed the developing situation across the country regarding coronavirus and the need for movement into different tier levels. During his speech on Friday evening, Mr Johnson thanked local leaders for their cooperation as the Government introduces new measures. He defended the Government’s push for more coronavirus restrictions as he said there had been an increase in coronavirus cases in addition to hospital admissions. 

Mr Johnson admitted that the Government and the leaders of Greater Manchester had not yet been able to come to an agreement on what best action to take.

He said: “I completely understand the reluctance of the mayor and his colleagues to take Manchester into the very high alert level, tier 3, it is far from a painfree course of action and it will mean a difficult time for the people of that great part of the country. 

“But I must stress the situation in Manchester is grave and worsens with each passing day.

“Cases doubled in the last nine days, high infection rates are creeping up the age range while cases are 690 per 100,000 for 16-29 year olds.

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“They have no risen to 224 per 100,000 for the over 60s.

“The number of COVID in patients in Manchesters ICU’s beds is already over 40 percent of the number of the first wave.

“That number will inevitably rise further given that hospitalisation occurs two to three weeks after infection.”

Mr Johnson warned that the situation could worsen very quickly in Manchester based on these trends unless significant measures are put into place.

This comes after London is set to move into Tier 2 from Friday at 12pm.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has already said that he and the Government are working on an exit strategy out of Tier 2.

He said this is to ensure the capital is not stuck in this tier indefinitely as it would have lasting impacts on businesses and people. 

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