NASA news: Nuclear propulsion is the way forward, says former administrator Daniel Goldin | Science | News

As a result, Mr Goldin said nuclear power is the way to go for future space travel and exploration efforts.

He said: “We landed on the Moon in July of 1969 and it’s damn time for America to get people out of Earth orbit.

“Love the Moon, but we’ve got to start mining asteroids, we’ve got to start getting to other planets, we’ve got to start getting to moons of other planets.

“And if we don’t start thinking about these things – and by the way, it’s also time, we’ve been using the same damn rocket technology since Apollo, and it’s time to grow up and say the magic term: nuclear. There I said it; nuclear.

“We’re going to need nuclear power on planetary bodies, we’re going to need nuclear power for propulsion.

“And if America intends to be a world leader, we’ve gotta grow up and learn how to live with nuclear.

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