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The historic find was unearthed in a Berkshire field and archaeologists expect the discovery will provide new knowledge about the society of local tribes. The skeleton of the man dated to the sixth century AD was first found in August.

He was immediately understood to have once been important because he was buried surrounded by numerous weapons, including spears and a sword in its scabbard.

And only two years beforehand, archaeologists had found bronze bowls in the locality.

Dr Gabor Thomas, an early medieval archaeology expert at the University of Reading who worked on the excavation, said there had been much debate about whether individuals buried with such goods were warriors or whether weapons were merely symbolic.

Dr Thomas said: “Being macho at this period … it was a significant part of people’s lives.”

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Archaeologists will now conduct further analysis of the skeleton to arrive at a more accurate estimate of his age.

They also intend to explore whether he had any diseases, with experts already confident they have discovered early signs of arthritis, while his teeth show signs of wear.

Professor Helena Hamerow, of the University of Oxford, who was not involved in the work, recognised the significance the discovery.

She said in a statement: “We have few if any burials of that period from the middle Thames region that are so richly furnished, especially in comparison with the lower Thames and upper Thames.

“Both the location and grave goods seem to be designed to project the power and importance of that individual.”

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