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Users often visit the Google Maps Street View website in order to scout out locations around the world and get in insight into life at street level. However, increasingly viewers are discovering that the virtual map tool also has the ability to reveal some unlikely scenarios.

One such incident was noticed in a graveyard located in the city of Marietta, in Georgia, US.

The eerie moment has left users “confused” and a little bit spooked.

Once it was spotted by an eagle-eyed user, they then shared the moment to Reddit with a rather ominous message.

“Take one step forward, but choose wisely, for the ghost may vanish!” warned the user.

At first, the moment looks like a normal, sunny day in a graveyard.

The Google Maps camera points to a fork in the road passing through the graveyard.

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If the user chooses to click to the right and follow the road, nothing looks out of the ordinary.

The scenery around the camera stays as you might expect, the same mausoleum to the left and graves to the right.

However, if the user opts to go towards the left fork, something spine-tingling occurs.

As the camera moved forward the entire landscape transitions.

From the weather to the surroundings, everything looks different.

The weather becomes seemingly brighter, the grass a little less brown.

Though the graveyard itself isn’t dramatically different, something rather creepy vanishes.

At the centre of the fork, where the mausoleum once sat, is now a completely different structure.

What looks like a stone bench has appeared in its place.

It appears that Google’s car first drove through the graveyard in December 2016, before later updating the scene in January 2019.

However, it seems a small section of the graveyard was missed in the update, resulting in the eerie glitch.

“The left path is an old map, but the right one is the same (current) map,” wrote the Reddit user.

“I was exploring the graveyard when I happened across it, and was pretty spooked tbh, when the grave in that little triangle area straight up vanished.’ [SIC]

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