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The head of sent a warning to his Spanish neighbours amid Brexit negotiations. The 27 European member states have stated that any post-Brexit agreement over Gibraltar needs the approval of the Spanish government. Mr Picardo said: “We are tough and won’t give an inch, we are the hawks and we will not allow them to get anything past us.”

He added: “We are here to fight and defend our Gibraltar and remember the Hawks are in Government now.”

Mr Picardo has so far been involved in the first two rounds of the Brexit talks.

One factor of the talks focuses on the future relationship between Gibraltar and the EU.

Gibraltar is now part of the Brexit talks because it is included in the British delegation.

Gibraltar’s chief minister, Fabian Picardo, is asking people to ignore Spain’s claims of sovereignty over Gibraltar.

He has also asked residents of the territory to “trust the Government of Gibraltar to deliver”.

The Chief Minister added: “We’re also in the thick of the negotiations before the end of the year on Brexit, and as I said on National Day, this is an area where the Government of Gibraltar, led by me, will give not an inch.

“You’re reading stuff in Spanish newspapers, in some European papers, which is inspired by Spanish newspapers, which puts in the Spanish version of events, the Spanish claims, what they want.

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He said coronavirus was “one of the toughest years in living memory”.

He added: “To those of you who think COVID is a hoax, to those of you who make it your mission to mislead, to misinform and to misguide the vulnerable in our community, I tell you now, you are selfish and you are wrong.

“To those who are listening to ignorant, misinformed or intentionally misleading social media voices instead of listening to our health professionals, you are risking not just you and your family, you are risking all of us.

“All of our loved ones.

“And all of our freedoms.”

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