Road safety: Automated lane-keeping software turned off by drivers for being ‘dangerous’

Automated lane-keeping software could be installed more widely across UK vehicles from 2021 after EU approval last year. However, Mr Freeman says the technology is “totally aggravating” for road users who want to be able to control their cars at all times.

He warns the new software is an “attempted move towards autonomy’ which he says will “never” happen across UK roads.

He said technology such as this is “too dangerous” and will “never work” as drivers will not be in charge.

Speaking to, Mr Freeman said: “The technology already exists but most car users find it an absolute bane and they’ve turned the device off, it’s totally aggravating.

“Drivers want to control [their] vehicles and can you imagine, you’ve got someone behind that’s going to be swerving around all the time and your brain isn’t geared for it.

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This tool will control the movement of a car for an extended period while drivers do not need to give any inputs.

Mike Hawes, chief executive of the SMMT has predicted the technology could make journeys “safer and smoother”.

He says the tool could prevent some 47,000 serious accidents and save almost 4,000 lives over the next decade.

The Department for Transport (DfT) has asked for evidence from those in the motoring industry to help shape the future of the technology.

Mr Freeman added that drivers needed to deal with some issues themselves as things change quickly when on the road.

He told “I’m not saying that these aids aren’t sometimes good for providing assistance to motorists but everything you hear about these things motorists hate them and they turn them off. What are the government going to do?

“Yeah, there will be technology. It’s like cruise control, it’s like a braking system if you get too close and lane control, that’s something the driver needs to deal with himself.

“Things change very quickly on the roads so I’m not in favour of it.”

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