DVLA number plate: New “70” designs banned for being rude and offensive revealed

DVLA experts have revealed a hefty list of designs made up of unique combinations which could represent swear words or seedy phrases. The DVLA host special meetings twice a year at each number plate launch to look at the list of designs and pick out those that could cause problems.

A DVLA spokesman confirmed the “vast majority” of designs are made available to drivers.

However, they confirmed that some designs are held back if they could cause embarrassment, offence or lead to poor taste.

The spokesman said: “The vast majority of registration numbers are made available but the agency holds back any combinations that may cause offence, embarrassment, or are in poor taste.

“Many people enjoy displaying a personalised registration number and there are over 50m registrations available on our website with almost endless possibilities of combinations to suit a person’s taste, interests and budget.”

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“BR70 MOB” and “BR70 GUN” were also likely listed for their connotations with gang lifestyle.

“DR70 UGS” and “MU70 GER”, “PE70- VRT” and “RA70 APE” were also listed by the DVLA as being offensive for use.

A range of UK styles designs was also banned for those wishing to purchase a unique design for the end of the EU transition period.

Designs such as “UK70 EDL”, “UK70 KLR” and “UK70 WAR” were also listed as restricted designs.

A total of 33 percent of drivers said they wanted to own a cheeky or controversial design compared to just 31 percent which wanted to have their name.

Mat Watson, motoring expert at carwow revealed drivers could still get away with “surprising” designs as long as they were creative with the lettering.

He said: “Drivers are always looking at ways to personalise their car, with modern drivers now more than ever seeing it as an extension of who they are and a reflection of their status, so it’s no surprise to see how many vanity plates are on the road.

“Considering there are strict guidelines around what number plate combinations are and aren’t approved, with swear words and saucy acts all previously banned by the DVLA.

“Some of the plates you can get away with are quite surprising providing you’re willing to be creative, and the new numbers certainly give drivers something to work with!”

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